The product that gives name to the venture is already present in several important buildings in Brazil and abroad, resulting in a total of approximately 150,000 m² (one hundred fifty thousand square meters) already installed. The green roof acts as a temperature insulator, retarding the heat environments during the day and keeping a good temperature during the night. Besides heat insulation, it absorbs about 30% of rainwater, reducing floods in the cities. It also acts as an urban air purifier.

Telhado verde em São Paulo

Photo and Project: Ecotelhado

The growth of waterproofing in cities was the motto to produce natural pavement. The system is a dimensional plastic- grid – made from recycled materials – that works by redistributing the traffic efforts. This allows the passage of water and air, contributing to increase biodiversity areas. In environmental, aesthetic and economic terms, it differs from conventional pavements because of its better performance.

Ecoparede, on its turn, softens the barren appearance of urban buildings and combats effectively the effect of urban heat island.

Headquartered in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, Ecotelhado works with representatives and partners, assisting all over Brazil.

It is possible to create and maintain the green in large urban centers. With this mission, the brazilian company, Ecotelhado, was born in 2005. Since then, we develop pioneer products and services with the aim of reducing the environmental damage caused by global warming and population growth in large cities.


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