Contention Wall


What is the Vegetaded Muroflex?

It is a contention wall with high technology of green infrastructure, with an effective, sustainable and permanent contention system. An excellent solution for sustainable engineering.

Vegetated Muroflex uses the same globally accepted principles of Mechanically Stabilized Earth that builders rely on to make massive contention walls.

Vegetated Muroflex is a versatile and exclusive construction material that presents the qualities of harder materials. The contention wall Muroflex resists events that can ruin other systems, and grows stronger and greener over time.

Effective cost:

  • Vegetated Muroflex has cost of 60% of installed concrete.
  • Vegetated Muroflex is a simple two-component system that often installs in half the time it would take to run the same service using concrete block or stone wall systems or even other Contention Wall systems.
  • No special equipment or material is required for the intallation work, such as cranes, concrete nor steel structure.
  • The walls of Vegetado Muroflex require the minimum leveling or depth of the initial subgrade.
  • The units are flexible and easily adjustable as required, either to be placed around trees, or to slopes of land and slopes of rivers, dams and streams.
  • Vegetated Muroflex is a recycled, non-toxic product that is in accordance with LEED qualification.
  • The contention walls of Vegetated Muroflex are graffiti-proof.

Permanent Advantages:

  • Muroflex lasts almost twice as long as concrete walls.
  • It is a weightless product that integrates easily with other systems and has great performance in limited access, hard soil or unstable terrain.
  • Muroflex  has a very high tolerance to water running from inclined slopes. Conventional drain (drain type) is not required as it is fully draining.
  • The water that passes through the Muroflex feeds and irrigates the vegetation contained in the system.
  • Muroflex Vegetado is a green solution that installs very fast, lasts a long time, looks completely natural and nature friendly and costs less than any other system.
  • For a truly green solution choose Muroflex Vegetado for retaining walls, slope stabilization, erosion control, recovery of areas and on any hillside with water rendezvous.

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