Impermeable Reservoir


Why choose the Impermeable Reservoir for my project?

The impermeable reservoir is a modulated cistern system, for the reuse of rainwater.

Can be used as:

  • Water tank fire;
  • Industrial water reservoir;
  • Can be installed underneath gardensparking or permeable pavements.

The rainwater harvesting search solutions for two main questions related to the water:

  • Decreased demand for water supply, the storage of rainwater in tanks  or reservoirs;
  • Cutting peak volume of water in riverbeds, by temporary retention of the volume of storm water, harvested in impervious surfaces of batches and stored in reservoirs, diminishing the magnitude of urban flooding.



  • Decreased demand for water supply;
  • Allows the movement of people and vehicles;
  • Use of landscaping above surface.


How can I purchase the Impermeable Reservoir?

There are three ways to purchase the impermeable reservoir System:

  • Only Material.
  • Material + Installation.
  • Material + Installation + Vegetation.


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