Ecoesgoto Integrated System


Why choose Ecoesgoto Integrated System for my project?

The Ecotelhado company is dedicated to a new generation of wastewater treatment associated with an ecological and green design. The great innovation of this system is technology compromised by the biological inclusion  resulting in a more efficient process.

The sewage of residence, toilet paper, organic waste and greywater are collected and processed by Ecoesgoto Integrated System.

The treated effluent passes by Ecotelhado green rooftop and with rainwater runs down through Ecoparede green wall, supplying the impermeable reservoir. The treated water can be reused in the discharge of sanitary water or other non-potable purposes.



  • Mimicry of the effluent treatment plant in landscaping;
  • Most economical systems;
  • Greater efficiency in the treatment;
  • Digestion of organic molecules resistant to other processes;
  • Odorless;
  • Allows coexistence in neighboring areas;
  • Lower power consumption;
  • Best for money;


Which the best choice of Ecoesgoto Integrated system for my project?

The Ecoesgoto Integrated system adapts to all types of projects, we analyze each case to best scale the system.

Below are the components of the system:


How can I purchase the Ecoesgoto Integrated System?

Please contact our sales team at



Manual and features of the Ecoesgoto Integrated System


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