Why choose Vermifilter System for my project?

The vermifilter is biological treatment plant effluent which consists of a filter designed  for mimicking natural processes, that goes far beyond the conventional activated sludge used in the market today. Distinguished by lower cost of deployment and almost no maintenance.

The vermifilter system consists of a single chamber which varies in size according to the project and the volume of effluent to be treated. Can be overhead or underground, it should always be accompanied of landscape elements. The wastewater enters throught the top, there may be an opening lid for organic waste.

The filter is composed of successive layers ensuring the presence of oxygen, promote retention of organic matter, and create filter´s fauna habitat. It retains organic matter that will be digested by earthworms, ensuring the permeability of the system. At the bottom of the chamber is placed a raised floor separating the organic matter from the water.



  • Produces no sludge;
  • No odors, does not emit methane;
  • No air pumps;
  • Processes fat and vegetable oils and toilet paper;
  • Decomposes the organic waste, reducing the municipal collection;
  • Water reuse for irrigation of plants;
  • Low maintenance;
  • It can be incorporated into the landscaping.


How can I purchase it?

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