Tall Laminar System


Why choose Tall Laminar System in my project?

This system is characterized by using a water layer under a raised floor made ​​of Ecodreno modules. This rainwater cistern assures supply of 180 l / m², and can be used on terraces or flat slabs. Increases the benefits of retaining rainwater and thermal comfort.

The Tall Laminar System can be used as cistern, retaining rainwater and as treatment and polishing wastewater, being used in the Ecoesgoto Integrated System and allowing reuse of the water non-potable uses.



  • Retains rainwater – Urban Drainage;
  • Confers thermal and acoustic comfort indoor;
  • Returns biodiversity to the city;
  • Thermal amplitude reduction on external micro and macro envirenment;
  • Contributes significantly in scoring certifications (such as LEED);
  • Contributes to the durability of buildings;


Step  by Step:

Check out the step by step installation:



How can I buy?

There are three ways to buy your Tall Laminar System:

  • Only Material
  • Material + Installation
  • Material + Installation + Vegetation .



Manual and specifications for Laminar System Ecotelhado

Sight of Tall Laminar System


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