Articulated Vertical Garden


Why choose Articulated Vertical Garden for my project?

The Articulated Vertical Garden serves as house’s chute, reusing drained water from the roof for irrigation of plants in this system.

It can also be used as a small garden inside the house with water tank and automated irrigation, serving as a small urban garden.



  • Collaborates with the reduction of the effects of carbon emissions, mitigating air pollution;
  • Urban garden;
  • Decreases air pollution, improving the quality and humidity of the air;
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation;
  • Decorating the internal or external environment;
  • Assembly and maintenance are very simple;
  • Increases the chance of contact with nature in different locations;
  • Beautifies the urban centers;


Step  by Step:

Check out the step by step installation:


How can I purchase Articulated Vertical Garden?

There are three ways to purchase it:

  • Only Material
  • Material + Installation
  • Material + Installation + Vegetation .




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