Brise Vegetal


Why choose  Vegetal Brise Soleil for my project

The Vegetal Brise Soleil is a modular system composed of containers externely placed on the building where plants (climbing plants) are guided by stainless steel cables held by bolts of the same material.  Its purpose is to cover the facade of a building, protecting against the accumulation of solar energy. The method also contemplates automated ferti-irrigation.

. Benefits:

. It contributes to reducing the effects of carbon emissions, mitigating air pollution;

. Reduces air pollution by improving air quality and humidity;

. Acoustic and thermal insulation;

. Decoration of the external environment;

. Very simple assembly and maintenance;

. It contributes to the greater durability of the buildings, because it reduces the thermal amplitude;

. Increases the opportunity of living with nature in different places;

. It embellishes urban centers;

. It contributes significantly to the score of certifications such as LEED.

. Step by step:

jardim vertical brise vegetal


How to purchase Vertical Garden?

HTehre are three ways that Vegetal Brise can be purchased:

  • Only Material
  • Material + Instalation
  • Material + Instalation + Vegetation



Manual and System Specifications Brise Vegetal Ecotelhado


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