Technical Analysis

Ecotelhado provides Integral Technical Analysis for projects aiming economy and energy efficiency in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Ecotelhado conceives and develops innovative projects for sustainable drainage and sanitation and construction, to improve the profitability of their enterprise.

Energy and natural resources we waste affect the economy, affecting the quality of our environment and jeopardize the future of the whole society.


Types of Technical Analysis we do:

Re-evaluation and adaptation of urbanization projects applying solutions like:

  • Sustainable urban drainage;
  • Sustainable sanitation;
  • Contribution of green roofs in sustainable drainage calculus;
  • Infiltration techniques calculus;
  • Reservoir detention calculus;
  • Energy simulation of heat island effect;
  • Sanitation with macrophytes;
  • Vertical garden projects.

Technical Analysis of sustainable urban planning and new models of town;

Technical Analysis for design and development of efficient buildings;

Justification and fulfillment of national and international energy certificates.

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