Why choose Ecodreno System for my project?

Ecodreno is a system of retention , draining and infiltration of the rainwater, which acts as a modulated underground cistern, leaving space for transit. The use of water can be done in irrigation or discharge of sanitary water or as infiltration to groundwater recharge.

It is mainly made of recycled plastic that functions as columns, structuring the urban drainage and preventing its collapse.


  • Decreased demand for water supply, by rainwater harvesting in tanks or reservoirs;
  • Cutting peak volume of water in riverbeds, by temporary retention volumes of rainwater, captured in lots of impervious surfaces and stored in reservoirs, decreasing, thus the magnitude of urban flooding;
  • It can be used as a water reservoir fire, Industrial water reservoir or cistern to capture rainwater for irrigation of green roof,vertical garden or Vegetal Brise Soleil;
  • Can be installed underneath gardens, parking lots or permeable pavements, easily and accessible

Which system adapts better for my project?

How can I purchase Ecodreno System?

There are two ways to purchase the Ecodreno System:

  • Only Material.
  • Material + Installation.