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Why choose Ecotelhado System for my project?

The Ecotelhado is an elevated garden, also known as green roof. This kind of vegetal coverage may be installed in building’s roofs or convencional roofs, as ceramic tiles, fiberciment among other roofs structures. It is possible to create a roof with grass area or creeping plants.

Conventional roofs are dead surfaces and waterproof, disregarding crucial challenges for urban , as CO2 emissions, Heat Islands, the loss of biodiversity and the sewage evation of stormwater.


  • Rainwater retention;
  • Reduces rainwater flow rate at source;
  • Retains stormwater at source (Urban drainage);
  • Cleans stormwater and contributes for pollution reduction;
  • Biodiversity;
  • Improves buildings integration with the environment;
  • Contributes for formation of Contribui a mini-ecosystem, attracting birds, butterflies and ladybugs;
  • Biophilia;
  • Ideal to create biophilia treatment processes of rainwater and organic waste;
  • Economy

Conventional roofs are made with concret, ceramic tiles, metal tiles or fibrociment, all acumulate heat and transfering it inside the building.

Using ecotelhado roof top the vegetal roof top dissipates ou consumes the heat by evapotranspiration and photosynthesis, dramatically reducing the temperature range inside the building. Serves as great solution for reduction of Urban Center Heat Islands, reducing A/C consumption and it provides thermo confort on micro and macro external environment.

And more:

  • Reduction of air pollution by carbon sequestration;
  • These roof top promote temperature reduction of the surroudings;
  • Thermo and Acustic confort on internal environments;
  • Contributes for buildings’ longevity by reduction of thermal range;
  • Contributes significantly on certification scoring as LEED;

Which is the best choice for my project?

Ecotelhado offers different types of green roofs each with water reservoir and for different applications:

Confira as condições climáticas da sua cidade e para ajudar a escolher o sistema ideal para você. Acesse:

How can I purchase Ecotelhado’s Green roofs?

  • Only Material
  • Material + Installation
  • Material + Installation + Vegetation