What is it?

Ecoparedes are green walls that integrate nature with the architecture of a building. An Ecoparede has all the benefits of a vertical garden and, in addition, offers:

  • Aerated facade: allows a space between the outer wall and the inner lining, allowing the dissipation of the heat and avoiding the heating of the building.
  • Interactive facade: with the use of LED panels powered by solar energy for communication through the facade.
  • Capture solar energy through photovoltaic panels.
  • Artistic panels: use of laminated glass, stainless steel plates, aluminum or ceramic plates, integrating artistic expression to the thermal comfort of the building.
  • Water heating.
  • Hot air collection.
  • Use of vegetation.

What is its benefits?

  • Helps reduce the effects of carbon emissions by reducing air pollution and improving its quality and humidity.

  • It brings acoustic and thermal insulation to the construction.

  • Decorates the indoor or outdoor environment.

  • When the Ecoparede is external: it contributes to the greater durability of the buildings, because it diminishes the thermal amplitude, it captures hot air and solar energy.

  • Increases the opportunity for living with nature.

  • It embellishes the urban centers through vegetation or art.

  • It contributes a lot in the score of certifications like LEED

Step by Step

montagem jardim vertical canguru

How can I purchase the Vertical Garden?

There are three ways to purchase the Canguru Vertical Garden System:

  • Only Material.
  • Material + Installation.
  • Material + Installation + Vegetation.


Manual and features of the Vertical Garden Canguru

Manual of irrigation for the Vertical Garden

Sight of the irrigation system

Rack´s Internal sight

Vertical Garden Canguru

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