Why choose Ecopavimento for my project?

The Ecopavimento is a pavement to be placed above permeable surface, allowing the passage of water and air and preventing the accumulation of water on the surface. It consists of recycled plastic honeycomb grids.  Supports compatible weight on which base it will be installed.

It can be used for:

  • Replacing the pavement in places with slow traffic:
  • Parking lots;
  • Internal condos areas;
  • Paths and school yards;
  • Permeable side walks pavement;
  • Lateral support for roads;
  • Parks trails , pedestrian access;
  • Infiltration basins;
Pavimento permeável para estacionamentos, calçadas, passagens de pedetres e ciclovias, com grama.
Piso drenante para calçamentos, ciclovias, calçadas, estacionamentos, parques e etc.
O ecopavimento drenante ajuda na prevenção de enchentes.


  • Helps in the prevention of floods;
  • Reduce heat islands;
  • Recharge of underground aquiferous;
  • Maintaining the flow of the watercourses in times of drought;
  • Pluvial pollution control;
  • Increases filtering and rainwater treatment with retention of suspended solids.

What is best suited to my case?

The Ecotelhado offers two types of natural pavement:

  • Pavement with Gravel
  • Pavement with Grass

How can I purchase?

There are three ways to purchase the pavement:

  • Only Material
  • Material + Installation
  • Material + Installation + Vegetation

Installation Manual

Installation Manual  and Ecopavimento features